Monday, May 11, 2009

Can you imagine?

The Obama date night- can you imagine how it must be to deal with all this hoopla just to go out to dinner?
A carload of armed gunmen. A parade/motorcade? Frankly, I could not live under a microscope this way.
It does seem they have established a "leave the kids alone" boundary, as they are not hounded by the press.
We see the occasional glance with the dog, or Easter egg public event.... but none of this intense press- making the first kids be under the microscope too. It must be strange enough having to live as the first family, and suddenly have a Secret Service entourage following you wherever you go as a kid, having a ravenous press nipping at your heels would be too much.


Utah Savage said...

Yea, but don't they look great and madly in love with each other. This reassures me that we are in very good hands.

I'm here stealing your http thingy again--this time to set you up on the feed.

Fran said...

Good to see ya Utah~ they do & I figure they are a two-fer, because Michelle is one smart cookie.

I need to swing by & see how things are doing in your blog/world.

D.K. Raed said...

Is it the White House or a Glass House? It all comes with the territory I guess. They can't make a move without it becoming a major event. But as you say at least the kids are out of the limelight, SOP when the prez has younger kids. Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton mostly got the hands-off treatment, too. Personally I'd be having nightmares that the SS were hiding in the drapes of the prez bdrm, or worse, in the prez bathroom!

I hope when they were in England they took the opportunity to ask The Queen how she handles the lack of privacy. Oh wait, generations of royal breeding gives her heinie the ability to not even see "the help".

But Really, doesn't our press have anything better to cover than Michelle's tie-in-the-back shirt?!! Good thing they didn't fist jab at dinner or we'd never hear the end of how they were seen plotting the destruction of america.

Fran said...

Every move is scrutinized & they live under a microscope.
If the press needs a story, go follow the torture stuff.
If the first lady wears sleeves or not & how they eat their puff pastry is really not riveting journalistic gold.
the press have turned into paparazzi.

I can see how eventually, they might just do date night at home. The residence has like 100 different rooms.
That entourage scene would get old fast.