Thursday, May 14, 2009

Listen to the music play ~

Got Rolling Stones???

Rolling Stones~ Gimmie Shelter


Hey Blog pals.... life is kind of overwhelming- between work & all the stuff hitting the fan....
If **I** were in charge, I would just fast forward to the independent counsel prosecution of the torturer's.
Make Beauty Queens with ugly prejudice be relinquished to *junk news tabloid* realms. She does not deserve the press she is getting.
A Hagan Das (ice cream) that helps reduce.....

I will throw in one overheard joke related to that "story"--
Jay Leno:

Only Trump can get away with calling himself "The Donald"
It does not work for Colin Powell (The Colin?)
Or Dick Cheney--(The Dick!) Hmm! It DOES apply to HIM!

Better I just stick to the music for now.
I am a Gray's Anatomy fan.... tonight is the big season finale.
Nice twist on last week's wedding episode. Eh?
Did not see that one coming!


Utah Savage said...

Nice selections for Stones clips. I love your taste in music. And the wishes you've made. I can get on board for all of that. But Gray's Anatomy is the limit.

Fran said...

Well Utah-- Thanks & I can understand you *drawing the line*. It does have interesting twists & turns, mixng medical extremes, and personal lives. It started off as a total fictional foray with every med student having sex in every linen storage area!
Most interns are probably too tired for sex. Actual sleep is more appealing!.
But they have had compelling scenarios.... the Black Doctor having to operate on the white supremacist with the large swasticka tatoo on his abdomen....
the scalpel cutting the swaskicka he wanted a white doctor witness, but the Asian Doctor is Jewish... how's THAT for plot line???