Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday Pete Seeger !

What did you learn in school?

Pretty cutting edge song for 1964-- 45 years ago, Pete was writing great lyrics that totally bucked the establishment & status quo. To the point he was banned & censored quote a bit ~ even to this day.

Which Side are you on? Seeger's pro Union song.

Here Seeger plays with Buffy St. Marie- she plays the mouth bow harp. About as pure as folk music gets. Wow!

Pete is one of those folks who absolutely refused to sell out.
He was in a group called the Weavers.

Goodnight Irene

The Weavers had their ups and downs, and during a lean time, they decided to accept an offer from a cigarette company to do an ad jingle for them. When the group told Pete Seeger about the idea, he was opposed.
Why would you do that?, he asked.
Because we need the money, was the reply.
Not that much!

Seeger quit the group in protest.

Garbage~ Pete is an avid environmentalist

On May 3, 2009, dozens of musicians will gather in New York at Madison Square Garden to celebrate Seeger's 90th birthday. Seeger agreed to the big party because the proceeds from the event are to benefit the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater a non-profit organization he helped organize 40 years ago, to defend and restore the Hudson River.

Sincere thanks to you Pete, for all the years of songs, music, consciousness raising, and community organizing. Not bad, for a Harvard drop out!
You blazed your own trail, and followed your heart & dreams, but you took us along for the ride, even at 90 years old, passing on the wisdom in the following lyrics~

Lyrics to "Take it from Dr. King"

"We sang about Alabama 1955,
But since 9-11, we wonder, will this world survive?
The world learned a lesson from Dr. King:
We can survive, we can, we will, and so we sing —
Don’t say it can’t be done,
The battle’s just begun.
Take it from Dr. King,
You too can learn to sing,
So drop the gun."

Can't get enough of Seeger!

January 2009 Obama Inauguration Party*~ This Land is your Land....
Pete still saying-- Sing it with Us! We'll give you the words!.....

A true legend you are ~ Pete Seeger.

* Sorry could not find Beyonce edited out after the Seeger appearance.
Feel free to call it a wrap after Pete skips off the stage @ 5 minutes.


Annette said...

I did a post Friday and another this morning.. Hope he makes it another 90 years.. truly a National Treasure..

D.K. Raed said...

Can't wait to watch all the Seeger vids you posted -- tomorrow (cuz the hub is asleep & I don't want to wake him up -- yes I know I need earphones)!

Fran said...

I bet the Madison Square garden sold out party was really something.

Hope there are some video recaps to see.

What a guy.... kind of like an MLK & Woody Guthrie civil right activist & folk icon rolled into one!

enigma4ever said...

very very cool...
and great videos...
thank you for this...

Fran said...

I had a hard time narrowing it down to all the songs I posted. Yes, I'm a fan!
Seeger is a gentle man, but a scrappy fighter too, which is why I *had* to post the "Garbage" song, and whoever put together the montage added the timely visuals of Wall Street & money being garbage.
Did Seeger nail it or what????

D.K. Raed said...

You picked some great ones! "What did you learn in school" was really far ahead of its time. "Garbage" really nails it. Timeless. Seeing the Dow at 14,000 gave me a double-take head-shake!