Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Music

Richie Havens~ Freedom/Motherless Child ~ Woodstock


Mary said...

Hi Fran! I was thinking you had some sort of beautiful hedge in your yard that I seem to remember you posting on. I went back through looking for the post but couldn't find it. Am I mistaken? If not what was your hedge? I am ready to plant one. Hope all is well with you. I haven't really had a minute to blog OR read since I started school last summer. I have 3 papers to write and a gazillion chapters to read at this very moment. Quite a mess I've gotten myself into. It's all good...

Fran said...

Hi Mary~ "Beautiful Hedge".... yes that was me, I think I called the @#@%#@#% Hedge, because the Laurel hedge in our back yard, given it's way would *take over the world*.

It is me that said we do not fertilize, water or encourage it in any way, yet it continues to grow profusely & require a 2x annual trimming that fills about 24 large yard sized bags.
It requires ladders & electric hedge trimmer equipment.

So yes, you were warned. The Laurel hedge is a hardy plant-- must be acid loving, because our soil here on the West coast is acidic.
We actually paid someone a few years ago to whack it back with a chain saw, as the neighbor was putting in a new fence.
That only caused it to grow with a vengeance.

Don;t say you were not warned when you wind up spend a few weekends each year wrangling with a frickin' Laurel hedge.

Although the living verdant wall of lush foliage is a thing to behold, it is no doubt a pain in the ass to maintain.

Good luck kiddo!

Mary said...

Thanks Fran. I really do appreciate all the (hysterical) information.

Fran said...

Yes, in a few short years you may be writing similar posts.....

we can commiserate together!