Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazymaking News briefs

Hokey Pokey

Politicians are beginning to do the Hokey Pokey- taking their *right foot out* & putting the left foot in, like Arlen Specter.
While he's turning himself about (from republican to democrat- he may have danced himself dizzy, when he publicly spoke out in favor of Loser Norm Coleman (R), and voted with the GOP block on his first vote from the other side of the aisle, voting with the GOP, even though he'd just switched sides.

Now the dems are in favor of stripping him of his Senate Seniority & let him into the party as a freshman newbie.
Political games, Arlen, apparently, that's what it's all about!

See Condi Rice.
See Condi Rice speak with the children.
See the children give her hell about torture.
See Condi tap dance around the topic of torture.
Way to go kids!


Bristol Palin is the new Ambassador of Abstinence!

Do what she says- not what she does!

The Ambassador does not want to talk about her personal life.... making a baby, legal battles over custody, she just wants the world to know abstinence is the safest way to go!

So if unwed teen parent Palin is the Ambassador of Abstinence, what next?

George Bush will be the foremost authority on Constitutional Law???

Rim Shot!


nonnie9999 said...

but, fran, none of this matters, because obama ordered his hamburger with mustard.

Fran said...

OMG!!!! How did I miss that breaking news?????
Were there onions involved???

Fran said...

I am fully updated now on *Dijongate*
What next? Romaine lettuce???

An outrage, I tell you!!

enigma4ever said...

sorry to say...there was a shhhhhh " tomato" and some romaine lettece....and NO onion ( shoot- kinda thought he was an onion guy...) or even blue cheese...

Now about Condi- just let 4th graders hold the Nuremburg trials- it will be fine....

and about Arlen- he ain't no dem until he learns how to vote right...and until then- he is just a repug trying to save his sorry ass...and the dems there are not going to be fooled...