Friday, May 29, 2009

Taking it in the shorts

Think this post is about my 401k retirement fund statement?

Well... it kind of is- except it is literally about panties & underwear & the economy.

MSN Money reports:

If you're put off buying replacements -- and your significant other hasn't done it for you -- then guess what? The recession probably ain't over yet.
In fact, right now men's underwear sales suggest that things have bottomed but not started to recover.
Sure, this sounds trivial. But no less an economist than former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan is a fan of men's underwear sales as an important economic indicator.

Who'd a thunk whiz bang economists were keeping an eye on "Fruit of the Loom"  & "Hanes" sales as important economic indicators? Although most folks I know have said they did indeed take it in the shorts on their 401k's, losing as much as 1/3 to almost of 1/2 of their total retirement savings -or more, thanks to any number of companies that went belly up  in bankruptcy & Wall Street blunders. 

So if you want to help the economy..... buy more panties & whitey tighties, stock up on those boxers & briefs.... preferably, Made in the USA! Maybe we can keep one industry up & running? 
America!! Cover your ass!