Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fly the Spendy Skies

Spirit airlines is upping the airline fee ante by adding a carry on baggage fee. Not only are airlines charging extra to check in luggage, but that carry on bag-- the lifeline for travelers when airlines lose your luggage, is now going to cost $20 to $45 bucks to use space in an overhead bin. The lower rate going to those with frequent flyer customers. No charge will be made for things you can stow under your seat- purse, briefcase, small backpack or a laptop.
They won't charge extra for diaper bags, pet containers & cameras.

One commenter wrote : In a related story, the sales of man purses, and diaper bags have surged!

If you think Spirit airlines has gone too far, Ryanair in Dublin, Ireland is going to charge for airplane toilet use. Yes you read that right-Ryanair would require travelers to pay either 1 euro or 1 British pound (about $1.33 or $1.52) for using the bathroom on flights lasting one hour or less.

Oh but wait! The genius does not stop there....As part of the plan, the airline is also considering removing two of the three lavatories on some of its planes so it could squeeze in up to six extra seats. The move would help reduce fares by at least 5 percent, Ryanair said.

Oh yes! Just have one toilet on the plane, so if something goes wrong (and you KNOW it will),
they will have NO functioning toilets on the plane whatsoever!

Just like the one "loo" on the plane concept, the person who thought up this bright idea, is full of shit!

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nonnie9999 said...

it would probably be cheaper to pack ahead of time and mail your baggage to your destination and then mail it back to your home when you leave.