Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Political Brawl

I guess they just decided to blow off the decorum in the Ukraine Parliament yesterday. Fists were flying, strangleholds, bloody noses, smoke bombs & throwing of eggs. Many in theUkraine did not want to allow Russian Naval ships to use their ports for another 25 years.

The contempt that goes on in the US Congress feels similar, they just don't express it in this way. Imagine if egg throwing was acceptable in the Bush 2 era!

Let's not give the party of no any ideas!


nonnie9999 said...

i'd love to see harry reid and yertle mcconnell in a boxing match. harry would kick wussy-boy yertle's ass and then some!

Fran said...

How about Pelosi & Michelle Bachmann in a mud pit fight?

Anonymous said...

lindsey graham and maxine waters, she'd drag him around by his garters