Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homeland Security-- Let's Review....

Ok kids, time for us to review current events:
December 2010, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security makes an announcement:

Ask a Wal Mart Manager for security assistance?

January 7: Jared Loughner buys bullets from his local Wal Mart & goes on a shooting spree the next day.
6 people are killed, 20 people injured.

January 23: Two people were killed in a Washington State Wal Mart parking lot. Two officers were injured.
As reported by news station KIRO:
"Two Kitsap County Sheriff's deputies were wounded in the shootout, but did not suffer life-threatening injuries. The suspect, identified Monday as Anthony A. Martinez, 30, of Salt Lake City, and a woman who was with him were killed. The shooting happened at about 3:45 p.m. on Sunday after deputies received calls about a man walking around with a gun at the store.
When the deputies arrived at the store and tried to talk to Martinez, he ran and the woman followed him, the Washington State Patrol said. The deputies followed, and Martinez turned and fired shots at them with a semi-automatic handgun.
Both deputies were hit and unable to return fire, police said.
"The one deputy that was wounded was actually doing first aid and trying to help the more seriously injured deputy, and he was so focused on doing this, he didn't even really realize how badly he'd been hurt," Boyer said.
Martinez was shot by a third sheriff’s deputy, a female officer, the Sheriff’s Office said. The young woman was also shot during the altercation, but it is not yet known by whom.
The woman who was with Martinez was also killed. Eyewitnesses said she was hit when she ran toward Martinez and into the crossfire between him and police. Police said they still aren't sure who shot the woman.
The state patrol said they are investigating the possibility that the woman is Astrid Valdivia,13, a runaway from a foster home in the Salt Lake City area."

So do we really think this Wal Mart as supplemental Homeland security scheme is a good idea? They sell guns & bullets inside the store.

  I'm guessing there will be mention of the Tucson shooting, and perhaps a moment of silence for those who were killed.  This country, and the NRA lobby are not willing to make any adjustments on who can get guns, or enhanced clips that fire more bullets than average police officers are allowed to carry. Words to honor & recognize are nice, but actions speak louder than words. 


nonnie9999 said...

what the hell is it with this administration and walmart lately? first this, and now michelle obama is enlisting walmart in trying to encourage healthier eating? why not wait until walmart actually does something commendable before giving them free advertising?

Fran said...

They sure have gone Wal Mart happy of late.
But the Wal Mart as Homeland security concept is sooooo off base.

I guess the Michelle Obama-Wal Mart link is Wal Marto pledged to lower their fresh produce prices, making healthier food more affordable, and to carry foods w lower sodium & junk ingredients.

I'm guessing they may lower produce prices, but seriously, you will still find pork rinds & a whole lot of trans fat lurking in the aisles.

Well at least Wal Marto was NOT mentioned in the SOTU address. sigh!