Saturday, January 29, 2011

oh shoot....

Seth Meyers makes a good point. Guns ain't what they used to be.


D.K. Raed said...

Seth seems to be making a case for cars being more deadly than guns?

ye olde firearms were so inaccurate that hitting a target was a major feat.

challenge to a duel : each man loads his weapon and walks 10 paces, turns and fires. most missed ... duel over ... back to the pub for another pint of ale.

even in the old west, there was lots of shooting, not much hitting ... except firearms in the hands of professional gunslingers ...

whereas your average car today, with your average driver at the wheel ... music blaring, eating burger dripping mustard onto lap, scanning GPS for 10 different ways to get lost, texting friend to say Im 2 min L8 ... takes eyes off road a moment too long @ 70 mph ... can be more deadly than a speeding bullet.

Fran said...

Good points all!

I thought he was just saying they would be so mesmerized with 21st century technology, planes & all manners of car busses trucks, that addressing the 21st century gun situation would be more than they can address.
Although he did say they would soil their layers of pants seeing what has evolved in the world of guns.

Fairly certain the founding fathers would not endorse assault rifles in the streets.