Wednesday, November 23, 2011


A fun old timey feeling to this clip.
This idea of being in a stampede of people to get some sale special, because big businesses hope to create a consumer frenzy is unappealing.
Sleep in. Relax. Enjoy nature. Consider making a donation to the local food bank or favorite charity.
Donate some warm clothes, hats, gloves to the homeless shelter or local Occupy site.

Although a rerun, I still love this '09 Buy Nothing spot.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Christopher said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I like the idea of a "Buy Nothing Day." These retailers are out of control.

On Thanksgiving, Toys-R-Us opens at 9PM, Wal-Mart at 10PM and I think Best Buy at 11PM. It's all become too obscene and I want nothing to do with it.

Fran said...

If I have a 4 day weekend, or Thursday/Friday off, I'm sleeping in!
Frenzied shopping crowds are not my idea of a good time.

Reality is there are a lot of people struggling with the tanked economy, so giving to the food bank (cash or goods) or even warm clothes, gently used are needed & appreciated,

I'd rather donate to charity & spend time w my peeps on this holiday.


Life As I Know It Now said...

I never go out on Friday to shop after Thanksgiving, never. It is a good day to sleep in, go for a walk if the weather permits, or just talk to family if you can stand to do it.

Have a great holiday Fran and I hope you are feeling much better now.

Fran said...

Lib: just talk to family if you can stand to do it.

You crack me up. In some cases yes, others, no.

Live & learn!

I can give thanks I know which family members I can stand!

Thanks, I am feeling better.

Enjoy buy nothing day!