Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MIC CHECK: Eric Cantor, Scott Walker, Michele Bachmann & Karl Rove

The Occupy movement uses a technique called "Mic Check", like microphone check, in lieu of a microphone, a speaker calls out a sentence, the crowd repeats it so all can hear. 
The 99% have a little somethin' to say

 Majority Leader Eric Cantor interrupted at Rice University with a Mic Check by Rice University grad students, in solidarity with Occupy Houston.

Union Busting Wisconsin Governor headed for recall:

Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann the 99% have something to tell you

But this is classic~

Karl Rove first tells Occupy Baltimore Mic Check crowd if they support free speech to
 "Shut up & wait till the Q & A"
 Rove then yells back at people chanting *WE ARE THE 99%* "Noooo! No you're not"

The Mic Check:

"Mic Check! Karl Rove is the Architect. The Architect of OccupyIraq. The Architect of OccupyAfghanistan. The Architect of tax cuts for the 1%. The 99% think it's time to #Occupy the Architect. To #Occupy the Architecture. 


Fran said...

Frankly, the above jackass politicians have earned this kind of *cut the crap* reality check presentation.

Or as one sign read:
The 99% have awakened.
This is sooooo not over!

Maybe the supercommitte members who clung on to the tax breaks for the rich will finally get their asses kicked to the curb. We are long overdue to throw these bums out!

Dada said...

Thanks Fran, for "reposting." See, I missed these when they originally aired on the evening network news stations.

It's nice to see Occupy evolve. Discovering ways to help the 1% actually hear the other 99%.

Anonymous said...

Oh, in case you missed it last week, Fran, I'll return the favor with one of ABC's, I believe it was, nightly network news' lead stories: Natalie Woods is (still) dead! (Stunning, I must say.) - Dada

Fran said...

Dada ~ Ha ha ! Posted on mainstream news.
No more business as usual!

Compelling breaking news re N. Woods!
...rolls eyes...

nonnie9999 said...

i'm a big fan of the mic check. i hadn't seen the botox batshit bachmann one before.

Fran said...

Bachmann just bails!
Mic Check rocks!

Loved seeing Cantor, Walker & Rove being served Occupy style.