Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paranoia strikes deep

Wow! Walmart is serious about guarding their cheap plastic crap! The local store has multiple clusters of security cameras atop their 1 block long brick big box store.
Most banks have less security cameras! Maybe it is just cheaper to hire one security guard who monitors multiple screens cameras capture views of? The place looks like Ft. Knox.

Costco has added a whole line of "survival products"... the 20 year shelf life food supply, and the victory garden like,  emergency reserve veggie seed stash.  Because if nuclear bombs start to fly, growing carrots & squash in irradiation contaminated soil is going to be the key to your survival?
If anything, you should join Walmart in making everyone know someone is watching, by installing security cameras all over your home.

I suppose it is just a matter of time before bunker shelters are being offered as well.
Oh! I Googled bomb shelter & sure enough they have some fancy designer shelters, complete with digital display screens that are mounted like windows & you can choose from mountain,  or ocean views on tv screens.

The web site states "Your Safety & Security are clearly under threat".

Wow! Bomb shelters have come a long way...

Click here to see how you can dodge the aftermath of
a nuclear bomb in style!

The sidebar has all your additional survival accessory needs as well.

Survival guns & ammo
American Patriots Bible
4 x 4 Motorhome escape vehicle
Solar & wind power kits
Tactical Police Military Gear
Military Combat Helmets ▼
Personal Defense Gear ▼

► Bullet Proof Vests Body Armor
► Ballistic Laser Eye Protection
► Tactical Military Police Gear
► Bullet Proof Military Helmet

► Camouflage BDU Clothes
► Weapon Accessories
► Armor and Protection
► Knives & Tools

► Gas Masks SGE 150
► Gas Masks SGE 400/3
► HEPA Filters Home & Office

Yu can even stock uo

You can even stock up on copies of the Constitution!
Quick reference numbers to call Congress from your bomb shelter???

► Make 'THE' Difference-Call Now!
White House Switchboard 202.456.1414
YOUR Senators & Representatives

Congress Switchboard : 
Congress Switchboard : 
They Must Obey Sworn Oaths of Office
Or Arrested & Jailed for Crimes

 I like this feature: A Virtual Fireplace to cozy up your nuclear bomb shelter. 
I hope they included a fully stocked bar & hot tub. 
Living in a bomb shelter after someone drops the big one can be soooo stressful!

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