Friday, May 22, 2009

Parade of Douchebags ~ Our Government in action

In another douchebag move Alaska, Guvnah Sarah Palin turned  down $28 million in Federal money because it was specifically for energy efficiency in homes/construction.  Sarah P did take $900 million in Stimulus money, but although Alaska has some of the largest energy consumption (home heating), Sarah did not want people to have to build energy efficient homes. She thinks that should be a locally made decision. 
How DID Alaska wind up with such an environmentally hostile Guvnah anyway???

Friend of Dick, Joe Lieberman stepped up to display his douchebag politics:
In the end, several amendments were added, including one by Sens. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to block the release under the Freedom of Information Act of government photographs showing the abuse of detainees. The administration is fighting the American Civil Liberties Union in federal court over the release of the photos, and the move was intended to bolster the government's legal position. (HuffPo)
Independent Joe, apparently can't handle the truth. Don't let them see what this country has done.... and in classic douche style-- he adds it to a war SPENDING bill. Nice touch, Joe.

In the hallowed halls of Congress, the Senate approved an additional $91.3 billion for...... more wars!
"The Senate voted 86-3 to pass the bill, which provides money for military and diplomatic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Diplomatic operations? Please.
So next time I get an e mail from the Obama campaign saying join the President in the fight to get a  health care program, that includes the "DONATE" request, I will send him a response, reminding him of the $176.3 billion they have already spent on wars under the Obama administration. If Obama is calling for it & asking for war funding & escalation, then these are HIS wars now. He could have chosen to go with diplomacy, and get troops out of Iraq & wind down in Afghanistan. 

Not to be outdone by the Senate, -- The House version adds $11.8 billion to Obama's request, including almost $4 billion for new weapons and military equipment The House measure also adds $2.2 billion to Obama's request for foreign aid, much of which appears to be designed to get around spending limits for 2010.

All those billions for wars of choice, Congress steps up and ADDS more billions to the war spending spree.
It's like Christmas in May for the Pentagon!


Dada said...

Well, sadly, I guess I have to say it as I think it probably is: Obama has learned -- despite some of his 'allowable' "progressive" tidbits he's thrown to placate those who were expecting real change has been briefed:

"There limits of what you can do!"

I don't pretend to know who the 'powers that be' are or the limits they impose.

Perhaps JFK could better enlighten us as to what happens when you exceed them?

I confess, while I voted for a far more progressive (read "radical") presidential candidate, had my candidate won he'd probably be dead already.

I think once we, as Americans, realize this, the sooner we can bypass presidential elections and work on forcing the will of we the people upon the real powers that be.

(no, I don't own a gun!)

Fran said...

Dada! My friend-- I think you are confused-- there are NO limits when it comes to war spending. It's like they are just hovering with *APPROVED* stamps to send more billions for wars. Occasionally there is the token grumble.... or the metered rant.... we're keeping in eye on this war-- if the voters get their torches & pitchforks out, we are going to blather on at the podium, but then still approve the money for war, because they *support the troops*.
War money= carte blanche approval.

There are only limits on Health care funding, Social Security & Medicare money & maybe a little fuss before they give more & more billions ($7 billion more this week for General motors!).

It is just crazy....
Maybe they put something in the water in D.C.???
That or there must be a secret code.... no common sense allowed?

Mauigirl said...

I think Dada has a point. Obama has to work with what he's got and what he's got is a Congress that is used to doing what it always has done. They won't even close Gitmo when he requests the money to do so. So we can't blame it all on Obama.

Fran said...

Yes he is limited, but he's also commander in chief - he's the guy asking for more billions for the multiple wars of choice agenda.
Of all the things Congress fumes & fights about, they seem to unite over war funding.
Health care is a fight.....
We will soon crest $700 billion for the war tab.

I want health care, dammit.