Sunday, April 11, 2010

For a Good Time, Call.....

This is too funny! POLITICO reported that one of the GOP party's fundraising letters mistakenly directed would-be donors to call a telephone number belonging to a phone-sex operation. A recipient of the letter had called to complain that the fundraising letter looked like a Census form (Government document), he wound up hearing this:

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So.... in closing I will tell you a joke I heard along these lines. (The recording said for $2.99 a minute you can talk with someone who will do anything!)

There is a guy at a bar. A hooker comes up to him and says for $100 bucks, I'll show you a good time.
He raised an eyebrow. Then she said for $300 bucks, I'll do anything you want.

The guy jumps off the barstool, slaps $300 dollars on the bar & says......



nonnie9999 said...

the people on the other end of the phone would probably do a better job than the rethugs, and it would cost a helluva lot less to get screwed.

D.K. Raed said...

the recording wouldn't play -- waaahhh -- I wanted to hear some heavy breathing!

on that hello girl image, I'm imagining the head of Mr Steele.

For $100K he will ship Palin to speak in your town!

Fran said...

Nonnie~ What Wit!

OK DK~ just for you I post the link AND the URL.

Not much heavy breathing, but
Reeeeelaaaaaaaaaaaax & talk w a sexy HOUSEWIFE?

Couldn't they at least be more creative?

Talk with a naked pole dancer, or a lingere model....

Nonnie could do such a photo shop.... she is a PS wizard.

Maybe she will????