Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How about this load of crap?

My poor friend Lisa had this piece of work e mailed to her by a nutcase relative.
Worse it had this thrown in:

This video just came out. True Americans will love it. America haters will not!!

If this goes around the country we stand a chance,  NOT a CHANGE

So gather round all you America haters, and check this out.

Now, if you can stand to, watch it again & substitute the name George W. Bush, or "President Bush" instead of "President Obama" and then it would be appropriate.
Think about it~ Bush really did all this stuff:

Subvert our Constitution & undermine our liberty
Patriot Act
Warrantless phone wire tapping
People being held w/o charges or due process in Gitmo prison

Freedom- absence of restraints on our ability to think and act
Riot police bashing heads at the RNC conference
Police raiding homes of individuals panning the protest marches at the RNC conference
seizing computers, and holding people at gunpoint

* Expanded Government- Homeland Security, color coded fear charts, daily threat levels announced throughout airports
The first (stolen) election w ominous electronic voting machines & a process that was rigged.

* Violated our Constitution- The list is long, but a war of choice is at the top of the list

* Confounded laws- The Patriot act is about as confounded as it gets. We must remove your freedom in order to protect 

* Seized private industry- Perhaps no bid Halliburton contracts fall under this category. Or creating and allowing a Militia
for hire-- Blackwater, or now Xe Services LLC, limited liability indeed.

* Destroyed jobs & Perverted our economy- The big economic meltdown did in fact happen under Bush's watch.
Letting Wall Street run amuck had a domino effect on the economic big picture. Cash availability dried up, the economy 
tanked, people lost jobs & homes in record levels. Bush ignored the economy & it went away. He had a few 
business bankruptcies on his resume before he was ever president.

* Curtailed Free speech- The term "freedom cage" was coined in the Bush era. People gathering to protest were allowed
to gather in makeshift fenced areas, many blocks away from the venue they were protesting. Wiretapping is a definite free 
speech infringement.

* Corrupted our Currency- Borrowing money from China to fund a war of choice. Also Bush insisted the most wealthy get huge tax cuts- tax cuts for the rich- the rich got richer, and the poor got poorer.

* Weakened our National Security- Ignoring that memo Al Queda planning attack on America probably not a good idea in retrospect. Plus when two people taking flight lessons said they really did not need to learn how to land the planes , did
not raise an eyebrow after it was reported?? Collateral damage- killing people in mass bombing efforts created hostility
and a desire for revenge.

* Endangered our Sovereignty- Having China loan money for war & letting jobs leave the States did not strengthen 
our country. The war of choice, torture, and violation of Geneva conventions & International laws did not help our international standing either.

* Our children- No child left behind meant teacher witch hunts, and people not in teaching professions dictating teachers
not engage students in real learning, but teaching to the tests. The military swarm our children like vultures, trying to recruit them for military service, starting at age 15.

* Generational theft- this one really irks me. Where were all these rabid fiscally responsible people when Bush wracked up a $12 trillion dollar National Debt??? Suddenly now this is an issue, but it was not for the last 8 years?
Bush took office w a budget surplus - he ran it into the ground in an unprecedented failure. Furthermore, the GOP 
politicians who now spout this "generational theft" term, have never seen a war budget they did not approve. Somehow, 
they fail to see they are a part of the problem and these issues are the elephant in the room of budget debt issues.

* "We did not become a strong nation through hope"- coupled w film footage of Martin Luther King jr. ?????
That bit is so wrong I can't even begin to express my disgust at the hypocrisy. If King & the people who fought for civil rights did not have hope that things could/would/should change why would they have endured all that they did.
Hope has been & always will be an essential element. If you don't have hope, then what you have is hopeless.

* Vowing to resist coercive government in America- What can I say? The Bush presidency was torture, rendition, 
crimes against humanity, and violation of domestic and international laws. It does not get much more corrupt and coercive than that. We will not accept tyranny under any guise, sorry , but that ship has already sailed.

I just noticed around 4:18 in this video, 2 kids have a sign that says:
"I'm to young to be in Dept"

I'm sure they meant to say "I'm too young to be in Debt", but these patriots are too busy giving President Obama shit for all
the things Bush actually did, they forget how to spell.

At first I found this video highly annoying, but once I substituted the "Bush" name, suddenly the list of grievances rang true.

Oh and a Glory Hallelujah to everyone as well!


D.K. Raed said...

I gritted my teeth & watched the vid, but could barely contain my sputtering disbelief at the obvious fear strings being pulled. Your friend has my condolences. Why do relatives/friends feel free to send this jingoistic BS but if you sent them refutations (like your responses in this blog), they go ballistic (figuratively, so far ... because they are "unarmed, this time")?

That "generational theft" thing really bothered me, too. The future generation they seem to be so concerned about will not stand much of a chance if their unemployed parents did not get extended unemployement benefits so they could provide them with food-clothing-shelter, if their health care was not mandated by govt SCHIP programs and codified by the recent HCR legislation, if their taxpayer-funded education was not part of our social fabric, if the very food they need to eat to live was not grown by heavily subsidized farming ... an unending list of social programs that they will be paying for through taxes, the same as we are doing now.

Fran said...

My friend gave final notice to the relative--as in I can't relate to your politics so quit sending me this stuff.

The first time I listened it was just repulsive, but then it dawned on me.... all that describes Bush!

So let's *point the finger* where it should be directed (pun intended).