Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Palin Aftermath

Yes, libral' Eugene Oregon survived the Palin visit. About 100 protesters gathered outside the Hilton & watched the GOP attendees roll in. All gussied up for their $250 dinner engagement. 
Palin's handlers did not allow any interviews as she is not up for answering questions. No pictures. No recording devices. No media-- the media cold only watch her on tv, from another room, IF they paid $100 bucks. 

Ahhhhh freedom was in the air the bullshit was mighty thick. 

So here is what the repugs paid $75,000 (that's $1875 per minute for a 40 minute speech) for Sarah to drone on about~

 Palin rallied for what she called “everyday hard-working Americans."
 Really Sarah because most hard working Americans don't make $1,875 per minute. 

“Trying to keep up with what they’re up to and to keep them and the press accountable has really become a full-time job,” she said.
Umm hmm ~ Raking in $100,000 to $75,000 for speeches is what she's keeping up with. 
If they are payin' she's talkin'. You betcha!!!

She highlighted two issues specifically for conservatives to rally behind: repealing health-care reform and reforming energy policy.

“We have to make sure this ‘Obamacare’ is short-lived,” she said. “It felt so forced upon us. It was so forced upon us.”

Whatever happened to "you have an advocate in me", for special needs children? 
Now it's get your own millions suckers! 

Speaking about energy policy, she called for opening up all of America’s continental shelves to drilling.

Ok~ She's shilling for drilling. 

“Production of our resources means security for Americans and jobs for American workers,” she said.
She also called for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and addressed head-on environmentalists against her plan. She argued America has more stringent environmental restrictions than many of the foreign governments we currently rely on for oil.

Seriously? A frigging oil rig just exploded, then sank into the ocean as crude oil is gushing in to the ocean to the tune of 336,000 gallons spilling per day & 11 people died. 
That is her "reasoning"?
“So environmentalists are kind of hypocritical on this one,” she said. “I don’t know how environmentalists can sleep at night.”
Well, I can answer that-- not very well with the likes of a resource whore like you Sarah Palin. 

I have to admit, as the uppity GOP'ers streamed into their lavish event, I found myself saying Keep your Polar Bears Alive! Clean Air, Clean Water

I did not get a photo-- but there was one attendee after another wearing a similar rhinestone American Flag pin that Palin wears, but one lady I saw had a pin that was 4 inches bigger! Well! She's showing us who is more patriotic!!!!!

Criticism of the “lame-stream” media

Palin accused the media of being inextricably linked to the political left.

“Sometimes they are kind of one in the same,” she said. “We call them the 'lame-stream' media lately.”

They are sooo lame because they are always asking gotcha questions. It's lame to have to answer different questions. So it's so much less lame for her to just say 
"I don't do any interviews".  Furthermore.... in order to only have pictures Palin likes, only photos that have been pre approved are allowed. That way she can be photogenic, and no unflattering photos will be distributed, such as these:


Instead, we get ONE officially distributed picture. Wow! Wearing that signature rhinestone flag pin, flanked by multiple flags behind her. She's so damned patriotic, she almost makes sense, while chatting about making Polar Bears extinct, and destroying the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

She said the media has been unfair to the tea party movement, going so far as to say they make up lies about tea party supporters.

“The left, well, they had to grab hold of something to discredit,” she said. “The press then just started making things up. I’ve had to deal with that for quite some time now.”

Well, maybe those $100,000 speaking fees will make her feel better?

During a question and answer session, Eugene City Councilwoman Jennifer Solomon read a pre-screened question from the audience about her role at Fox News. Palin said she was proud to be a part of Fox News for being “fair and balanced.”

She also praised Fox host Glenn Beck and said with “his chalkboard technique he’s changing our country."

See! There they go again with grabbing a hold of something to discredit!
Journalists who covered Friday’s speech were subject to strict restrictions from the Palin camp. No cameras or recording devices of any kind were allowed and reporters were only allowed to watch the speech on a video feed in an adjacent room.
Speech organizers provided one photo of the event taken by a hired photographer.

“The media restrictions of this event are due to contractual obligations dictated by the booking agency,” said Paul Riess, who is handling public relations for the Eugene event.
A group of about two dozen protesters gathered outside the Eugene Hilton before Palin spoke. She addressed their presence and said it was nice to see she had “greeters” outside.
She also said her daughter, Bristol, perhaps being a little too naïve, went down and chatted with them before sending Palin a cell phone picture of them on the sidewalk.

Attendees paid $250 each to see Palin speak. The banquet hall at the Hilton seats about 800 people and was sold out. On top of that, many people paid $100 a head to watch a live video feed of Palin from a nearby room.

Seventy people paid $1,000 each for a meet and greet photo op with the former Alaska governor. That price also included a signed copy of Palin’s book, "Going Rogue".

In closing, Palin has developed an "ask no questions, make no mistakes" game plan. Right now she hovers in political limbo, She may be the GOP's best "Pay Pal", but they are not putting her on any ballot. The Tea Party will have her, but they are a rogue bunch of losers with too many Bozos on the bus. 
I'll post pictures later..... I'm going to sleep & hope the nightmare ends. 

For now I'm sure Palin is more than happy to collect big money to deliver a little pre fabbed speech. 
Her message is undo Obama's work, Drill Baby Drill, and that she is a victim of the media. 
Hardly worth $75,000 bucks.  You betcha!


Anonymous said...

This is so great!

D.K. Raed said...

oooh, so sorry you had to endure her, but glad you gave her some grief ... now you'll have to disinfect the place, let some of that clean liberal air in!

she praised Glenn Beck and his magic chalkboard ... and I bet her audience cheered loudly ... yet even Glenn Beck was mystified that she seemed to know none of the founding father's names ...

have you noticed NOTHING is free at a Palin event? Even the press is expected to pay. But yet, when she was at some celebrity event where they were giving away goody bags of hollywood stuff, she sent her staff down to the freebie room to clean them out. the woman is shameless!

nonnie9999 said...

if the press really wanted to punish her for treating them so shabbily, they would stop showing up. what do they think they're going to miss? she says the same damned things every time. she feeds on the press. without them, she's nothing.

Fran said...

This news article said "about 2 dozen protesters", but HuffPo reported about 150 people were there-- which is more like what I observed.
There were people on both sides of the Hilton & in the breezeway.

I think there were about 5 pro Palin people, but they put themselves across the street.

Anyway, it was very lively. I think I must have seem Bristol Palin, she is short, and petite.
I overheard her saying, ""This is just Eugene"
like radical, liberal place.

Apparently they have toilet paper with the likeness of Palin's face on each square.

There were some great signs.

Yes nonnie~ I do think the press should boycott her. WTH making the press pay to come watch the televised version of her speech & can ask no questions???

That sounds like something right out of the Rove playbook. Again, she's not a dignitary- she's the freaking half term ex gov, who quit because she can;t handle that oragniz-ey, accountablity thing. Not workin' out for her!