Friday, April 2, 2010


Ha! The Tea Party people are SO MAD, they can't even spell!

Apparently, they have invented a new "lanaguage", because they have had "enoungh" already!
So take this "Socilism", and don't tread on them-- "NO EXCETIONS "!!!!!

Welcome to Teabonics!

Click here to see more signage..... (click the top right for a slideshow).

Hat tip to Enigma of Watergate Summer for shedding light on this new linguistic trend.


Christopher said...


FOFLMAO! Love it.

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...


Don't they mean excretions?

nonnie9999 said...

i saw that flickr site last night, and i almost peed in my pants laughing. and these are the people who want to get rid of the department of education.