Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wisdom of the day

Teeth ~ Ignore them & they will go away! 

I have actually been good & done my regular check ups & cleaning, but one tooth became loose 2 years ago & they were "watching it". But now I'm told it is time for this one to go away. So I shall have my far back tooth plucked today.  I already warned the dentist-- I am a bleeder. It's always kind of unnerving when you have Dental work done & the oral surgeon mumbles something like-- Ohh! There's a LOT of blood. As I sit there a sort of prisoner in the dental chair, all kinds of dental paraphernalia in my mouth that prevents me from speaking in anything other than inaudible grunts:
Atz y oou ake the ig ucks....

That's why you make the big bucks....  I sit there stuck in time & space & hope the guy knows how to deal with this profuse bleeding. Since I am alive & writing this piece, you can assume he got it under control & I lived to tell the story. Plus there is always this deep, bitter resentment, that all this is costing a huge amount of money-- someone is going to get a really nice vacation out of this & it is not going to be me.  So it's hard to be upbeat about it. It is painful, uncomfortable, expensive, furthermore, there are not even good drugs involved. Let's face it, Amoxicillin is no thrill ride.

Yet I am glad to have access, and better to get this beast taken care of before it turns into a throbbing, infected more expensive situation. Oh I should be glad I don't live back in the bad old days, where dentistry meant using farm tools & whiskey.
Wish me luck!


nonnie9999 said...

be grateful that you don't live in rural alaska! remember the story i covered yesterday?

hope you heal quickly and with minimal pain.

Fran said...

Nonnie~ If it was up to the heartless guy, people would be using farm tools & whiskey in Rural Alaska.
Turns out I was wrong.... the Dentist offered me some good drugs, so I am riding the Vicodin wave. I figured just my luck, I'd be feeling the pain @ 2 am.
So now I have to see about the tooth fairy...
Does she exist?
I asked for the tooth....

For now it is ice & gauze & pain meds.
Let's hope this thing heals like it should.

Lulu Maude said...

Watch out for dry sockets,good Fran.


Unknown said...

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