Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cutting the cord

Rather than talk about how bizarre it is that Dick Lugar gets to stay on the Indiana ballot, even though he's lived in Virginia for 35 years.

I'm going to keep it light & ask if you keep a landline phone. Old school.  So many folks don't even bother, it's just duplicating the same service a cell phone provides. But a landline could potentially work in a storm when cell towers are down, but they only would work w a corded phone, because cordless phones require electricity to run.
So what's your deal? Still on the grid, or did you cut the cord?
I love the shiny new happening smart phone technology, just hate the
pricetag. Taxes, fees, upcharges, hell some carriers even ding you for overages on so- called "unlimited" plans.

I find product reviews, the no-holds-barred feedback- both helpful and amusing--check out these remarks about cell phones

•  I pretty much just hate this phone and want to smash it with a hammer. 

Cons: Glitchy

great phone for people not looking for performance.


This is the worst phone I've ever had from Verizon, It's a piece of junk.

cant wait to get rid of this thing

“Worst phone ever”

I consider myself a mellow guy and at least once a day i consider inflicting physical violence upon this phone. it is not very user friendly and a lot of features like the swipe texting are frustratingly incapable. i've always been a big fan of lg, but they missed the mark on this one.

“Can you say Lemon?”

acts up randomly


 I HATE this phone and I often tell it that. 

 The worst phone I have ever owned

“Garbage, Garbage, Garbage”

 a cup and string would be better than using this thing probably have better working features too! Buy it only if you want to go bald and have gray hair.

sorry excuse for a "smartphone"

“One word: SLOW”

for being a smartphone it is very stupid!!! 

“If you buy this phone, you'll be sorry.”

trust me you will hate this phone.

 it infuriates me. But other than that... 

I'm starting to hate it. Other then that it was a nice phone when it worked.

 I am completely fed up with this phone. it is a love/hate relationshio at the moment.

“Dumbest Smartphone”


Mauigirl said...

Haven't cut the cord yet. When husband retires we're thinking of doing it. In fact, we're thinking of getting rid of cable TV while we're at it, as we hardly watch any cable TV except Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. We can always watch them online!

D.K. Raed said...

I've considered inflicting violence on my phones and they aren't even that smart!

I kind of miss the big old black box phones ... they could take a beating and still work just fine.

Fran said...

Maui~ It's kind of scary when you are used to having a land line for a lifetime, but the $ adds up & you still have to figure out an internet connection.
You can save a bundle cutting both services, eh?

DK ~ Reminds me of the Dylan tune *Everything is broken*. Come to think of it, there was genuine satisfaction in the ability to slam down hang up old style phones. Now it's like don't be breaking your $500 Android!

loved these lines...

it infuriates me. But other than that...

a cup and string would be better than using this thing

I HATE this phone and I often tell it that.

Hey you gotta be able to ream out your inanimate object right?