Thursday, February 9, 2012

Editorial rants

Re the Komen Debacle:

By politicizing women’s health, Komen inadvertently helped the very organization it was seeking to punish, as Planned Parenthood then became the beneficiary of an unsolicited $400,000 in donations from 6,000 donors large and small in a 24-hour period, and $3 million in three days, including a $250,000 matching grant from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Besides giving us a new case study in how to create a public relations disaster by demonstrating in a huge way what not to do, Komen pointed out by extension that mammograms are a necessity, not a luxury for women who cannot afford to get them and who, especially, cannot afford to miss them.
I am grateful to Komen for its bone-headed move that backfired and helped Planned Parenthood. 
Kathleen Bird (excerpts)

Well said! Putting a positive spin on the Komen scenario. By playing politics, Komen drew the spotlight on itself, we saw their underbelly, and see that they keep more than half of the money they take in for their own expenses. Komen literally had it all wrapped up with  pretty pink ribbons. I'm looking forward to seeing the Documentary film Pink Ribbons Inc. 
The film just opened in Canada, so we have to wait some for it to arrive in the U.S.

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