Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because they give a cluck?

Mitt: Because they are jealous

Mitt: Because the broker with the offshore tax evasion schemes office was on the other side

Newt: Hurry up Callista, or I'll have to find another wife!

Newt: That's all baloney & you know it

Santorum: To go protest @ the abortion clinic

Ron Paul: Because the government has no business building roads or telling them which side of the road to be on.

Obama: Our campaign will be crossing the road because all the other candidates are doing it too. 
And speaking of chicken s#@t~ check out this bold move:
As reported by the The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot-
The State of Virginia is dealing with GOP  bills that would declare a fertilized egg a person from the moment of conception, which has been labeled the "personhood bill," and eliminate state funding for abortions for poor women with severely medically troubled pregnancies. This bill would  also require women to undergo a (medically unnecessary) ultrasound exam before having an abortion.
"There's a new generation that's been electrified by what's going on in Virginia," said state Sen. Janet Howell, a Fairfax County Democrat.
She drew headlines last month when, to counter the ultrasound legislation, she offered an amendment to require men to have a rectal exam and a stress test before being prescribed erectile dysfunction medication. Senate Republicans rejected it.

Sadly, the appeal to overturn Rick Perry's mandatory sonogram & 24 hour waiting period pre abortion was denied
by the Fifth Circuit Court of AppealsWe disagree with the Fifth Circuit panel’s conclusion that physicians who provide abortions have fewer First Amendment protections than other citizens simply because they perform a service that some politicians don’t like. We’re asking the full court to rectify this unjustified curtailment of free speech rights and keep government out of conversations between Texas women and their doctors.” – Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights.

That battle came to a screeching halt. The only recourse that could overturn the Texas sonogram law now is a Supreme Court ruling, and with the Supreme Court stacked with Right Wing men, the likelihood of this  being overturned is small. The likelihood the high court would even hear it is slim in itself - the proponents of this mandate, see it as  no rights are being violated by offering a woman informed consent. If the Supreme Court simply refuses to hear the case, then the Appeals Court decision stands.
Not only is this an unfunded Government mandate, but it violates Women's rights. 
Forget about chickens crossing the road, in 7 States, the mandatory ultrasound is already happening- so in Alabama, Arizona,  Florida, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi & Texas, they should cross the state line & never come back!

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