Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What do U love?

Outside the cheesy romantic love Hallmarkitized Valentine's holiday that is geared towards consumerism... I'd like to invite you to think about and share what you love. Here's my list:

• Justice served
• High quality dark roast coffee, and the buzz it yields
• The scent of Daphne flowers
• When we are finished doing taxes, and they owe us $ back
• A relaxing soak in a hot tub
• Seeing the Dogwood tree in full bloom
• When the kids find the time to be in touch

• When the weather people are wrong, and it's a nice sunny day
• Excellent turn out to an activist rally
• When your partner just knows stuff & you don't have to explain
• Plucking a beautiful rose from your own back yard
• The high of hand drumming
• Fiddling with a Koosh ball (remember those?)--------------------->
• The aroma of fresh brewing coffee
• Taking off shoes & socks, switching to slippers, Home!
• Dr. Bronners Peppermint castile soap
• Being in awe of how the body heals itself
• Random acts of kindness
• The relief either ice or heat brings
• Bike riding on the river trail (no cars)
• Relaxing w a great cup of tea
• Awesome sky views- sunrises and sets, meteor showers...
• The centered feeling you get when you are in a Forest/Nature

Google Valentines doodle

It's humbling for Google to confess that even with its super powerful search engine capable of finding any and all gifts, such things can't solve all our problems, especially when it comes to human emotions.
Another great moment comes at the tail end of the video. There's a montage of a bunch of happy couples together. There's a spaceman and an alien; a princess and a frog; a dog and cat; a bookish pair; a cookie and a carton of milk; and two men wearing tuxedoes and holding hands, which I took to imply that they're a gay couple getting married.
That Google would tip a hat to gay marriage shouldn't come as a surprise -- Google is a very vocal supporter of gay rights. But even if you didn't see what I saw, it's heartening to watch a Valentine's Day message about all different kinds of love … that isn't also soaked with consumerism.

What do you love?


D.K. Raed said...

the sun, red rock canyons, cloud formations, lightning storms, watching a chipmunk or rabbit scampering away with their tails up in the air, birds that sing, a good book to read with a dog or cat on my lap, a blazing fireplace on a cool night. oh, and a spouse that still looks at me like I'm that same 20 something he married!

Christopher said...

Our dog.
Travel to distant countries.

Fran said...

Wow! Sweet & heartening to read your lists of love.

Anonymous said...

The first ripe tomato from my garden each year; picking blueberries at a nearby family grove; watching my cat do a major grooming wash-up; waking up to an overnight snowfall (when I can stay home); finding a good news headline at Common Dreams.org

- Beryl