Monday, January 26, 2009

Bloody Monday

Click the chart to see the jobs lost in 2009 alone!
Today, 68,000 jobs went away. 


More than 200,000 job cuts have been announced so far this year, according to company reports. Nearly 2.6 million jobs were lost over 2008, the highest yearly job-loss total since 1945.

I had described the problem as a domino effect in the next blog post, but CNN Money calls it "A vicious circle as weakness begets layoffs, which beget more spending weakness."

MICROSOFT is cutting 5000 jobs
SPRINT slashes 8000 jobs
CATERPILLAR eliminating 20,000 jobs
PFIZER is cutting 8,000 jobs, also plans more job cuts after they merge with
WYETH, then cut another 19,000 jobs
GM cuts 2000 jobs
HOME DEPOT cuts 7000 jobs
ING sheds 7000 jobs
Deere & Co (as in John Deere) 700 jobs cut

Last week 40,000 jobs were cut.

The price of oil is going up.

So now I don't feel like the next post/rant was so out of line.

I am afraid 2009 is bringing about the "D" word... as in Depression

No fault of Obama's..... but it is time for the government to scrutinize each & every expenditure.


Dr. Know said...

but it is time for the government to scrutinize each & every expenditure

You're kidding, right? The time for that was each and every time they opened the checkbook - since day one.

All of this bailout crap is a load - they are using tax dollars to replace moneys wasted to ludicrous salaries, bonuses, golden parachutes, and unrealistic stock dividends. They are fleecing you fuel-screws and trying to convince you that this is all normal; that 400x+ middle class salaries are the norm. THEY AREN'T, until recently. There isn't a damned thing you can do except STOP GIVING THEM MONEY. Don't shop, don't use gas, don't keep re-electing these same assholes, don't spend shit, learn how to do something to save yourself a buck instead of acting just like the goverment and thowing money at every problem. And throw that stupid damned cell-phone you have stuck to the side of your ignorant head like some kind of alien brain-sucking leech into the fucking trash. Baaaaaa.....

Dada said...

Well, I appreciate Dr. Know's good advice. Sadly, 'Stop re-electing the same assholes and throwing money at every problem' comes years and years too late. Like there's "some way outta here sayeth the joker to the thief"?

Hang on to your alien embedded brain sucking cell phone Dr. Know. Let's keep in touch as we're all sucked into the vortex of inescapable blackness in '09.

Dr. Know said...
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Dr. Know said...

Just razzing people up. But there is a bit of truth to my ranting. It IS late, but buy products produced by your neighbors instead of China, punish those who engage in corporate irresponsibility, and cut banks out of your life as much as possible. You'll be better for it.

As for the cell phone, naah. No one I want to talk to so often that I can't use a secure land line. And in the vortex, no one can hear you scream anyway.

Is your nym a reference to the Eastern European dadaists or do you have young children?

Fran said...

Reminds me of the tune "What's cell phones got to do with it?"

I don't know Dr. Know, but I do know people immersed in the whole bush-o-nomic nightmare
are going to face the very thing Obama referred to- being told to pull yourself up by your bootstraps , even if you don't have boots. At some point all the folks with no jobs will have no choice but not to buy anything... including the roof over their heads. As for $$ - we the worker bees pay into funds that cover unemployment, so I sure do expect a token lifeline at least for a while. Our little piece of the self- bailout we paid for in advance. Better me than the wall street tycoons & their summer homes in the Hamptons.

Dada~ I have to agree with you... the congressional asshole factor is in full swing- as seen by them failing to impeach Bush & co. They had 7 full years to do so, as well as over 5 years to use the power of the purse to stop the war, and pull the plug on funding. Oh & they caved on the $700 billion free for all $ give away.
That ship has sailed!

We can stay in touch on our cell phones until the cell phone companies go down as well, in the grand implosion of the US economy. As Sprint cuts 8000 jobs...
their employees are wondering *Can you hear me now???*

Dada said...

Haha -- I liked that Fran -- "Can you hear me now?" Good one.

Actually, Dr. Know, we have one of those pay-as-you go cheap cell phones, mostly for emergencies and to call from the store and inquire, "Do we need bananas?" (Oh, maybe that explains our snarkiness, i.e., we're not quite as distracted as the rest who use 'em incessantly for more "important" matters?)

In answer to your question, "Dada" is a reference to my favorite art movement which complemented my cynicism quite nicely.

Fran said...

Both my kids, now adults only have cell phones. They don't pay for land lines, Just internet connections.
Lots of the next generation figure they use phones on the go & don't see the land line worth paying for.

It's been a lifeline for staying in touch with a student in College & another who works lots of hours.

Anyway, this boatload of layoffs is likely to have a major and immediate impact on the economy.

At least Citi bank has been told NO on their $50 million corporate jet purchase. Jeez... bailout recipients buying fancy private jets.