Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Wow! 2 weeks away from the Big O swearing in as our new president.
It will be nice to have kids in the White House again, and this video makes me think of how this young family is really making a lot of personal sacrifices and changes in order to serve the country.
I wish them well, and hope this effort is blessed and protected, and allowed to flourish. I think we are all counting the days....


Christopher said...

I wish Obama and family well too.

He's off to a rocky start and I'm more than a little concerned about a number of things that have happened even before Obama is sworn in.

Yeah, I'm glad Bush and Cheney are nearly gone but Obama's cabinet is not living up to the promise of "change you can believe in."

And don't even get me started on Rick Warren and Tim Kaine. There's nothing like elevating homophobes to high profile positions.

Fran said...

Hi Christopher~ I agree that the Warren & Kaine topics are very troubling. Having said divisive hate mongers onboard in any capacity sends the wrong message, and goes in the wrong direction.
I am sick of the excuses and acceptance of the widespread abuse and denial of civil rights of the LGBT community. It bothers me that folks- even otherwise progressives tend to shrug and say it's no big deal.
I contend if it were THEIR civil rights being denied, personally affecting their lives, it would be a very big deal.
At what point do We the People stand together and say denial of civil rights of ANY citizen is unacceptable. I do think as long as we keep making exceptions, it gives the collective permission to discriminate. I tried to find the list of the # of legal rights denied by disallowing marriage...do you have access or a link to it?

Beyond that, other troubling things about Obama include talk of war in Afghanistan. Forget it.
He considers MLK jr a mentor- who considered Gandi his mentor. Both avidly embraced non violence.
The then Soviet Union logged 10 years cat & mousing it in a war in Afghanistan, and finally gave up. The US has already spent 6 years there, and the situation has only worsened, as well as 6 years in Iraq- having never "won" anything there either.
There is still dying, killing, violence, and 3 main sects that historically don't get along.
$600 billion folly, and so many lives lost.

Also, the idea of clean coal! TVA has a massive sludge leak that proves otherwise.

I am glad that Obama has stayed clean from the various scandals swirling around him- Blago, and now Richardson.

He's not perfect, and there are some major items that he needs to change course on.
But he knows of the problems and troubles ahead, and has already logged much time preparing for when he is president. What a daunting job he has.

I just hope his time and effort is allowed to develop and to turn this country around. The family has to move, the kids go to a new school, and their lives will never be the same.

I remember the Kennedy kids playing at the WH, Jon hiding under his Dad's desk, and Caroline riding a pony, their dogs, and family time.

Hopefully, having children present will serve as a reminder of future generations,and help prod them to do the right thing, ie make good choices now, for their sake, and overall good for humanity.

I wish them well.