Wednesday, January 21, 2009

quick recap

Late Night Quick Inauguration recap. It's late I'm tired ~ here is your one liner recap of the big event

Obama~ Awesome! Great Speech, Liking the themes of unclenched fists, and helping hands, being friends with the world community.

Biden~ They delivered his oath as practiced, and it went smoothly. Happy to usher out old Cheney.

Bush~ Got booed & totally deserved it. Good Riddance you war criminal.

Cheney~ Reminded me of Potter in the film It's a wonderful life, in the wheelchair. Did he strain his back trying to remove incriminating documents & karma kicked in? Well, at least they got him out of his undisclosed location.

Rev. Lowrey~ A soulful benediction, beautiful words.

Rev. Warren~ Weird vibe. Talked the talk of unity, does not walk the walk. I'd like to see/hear less of him. I did not like the way he said Obama's kids names. sounded like a mocking tone to me.

Rev. Gene Robinson~ Great invocation, too bad it got censored. Bummer. I'd like to see/hear more from him.

Aretha~ Only she could pull off wearing a hat like that! Still the Queen of soul.

Michelle, kids & grandma~ They really are a sweet , loving family. Hope they can support each other under the first family media scrutiny.

Justice Roberts~ Screwed up the swearing in oath word order. Supreme screw up! They had Obama re- do the oath as it is exactly written in the constitution again on Wednesday, just in case.

The crowd~ So many braved many hours of freezing cold, and all kinds of discomfort, to witness the historic event. Kudos for your fortitude and support.

Itzhak Perlman Yo Yo Ma Performance~ Sweet, and a nice break from the traditional military band style of music. It felt like a cleansing, and brought about a beautiful element to the change.

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Annette said...

Beautiful wrap up...beautiful picture...