Tuesday, January 27, 2009



eProf2 said...

The Cheney metaphor for a broken down, humiliated administration is so complete. Good riddance!

Fran said...

I do wonder if he was packing out incriminating evidence & strained his back that way?

A *Zot* from a higher power??

He's a snake & I think the evil mastermind of the bush administration.

Dr. Know said...

Well, I typed up a long comment and blogger ate it.

The short of it is that Cheney is part of an evil, avaricious, old white men's club. There probably wasn't a damned thing wrong with his sorry ass, he just didn't want to stand and hand the reigns over to a darky. It's his final "Go Fuck Yourself" to Obama and the American Public.

Fran said...

Who knows--but he sure fits the Potter description of the "warped frustrated old man", he is history now & hope his future history involves jail time.

Obama is so much up on the higher road..... Cheney's snares and flames are of no consequence.

Dr. Know said...

Oh, I seriously doubt he is frustrated. He has accomplished all he wanted and more for himself and his associates. He rides into the sunset having amassed numerous fortunes primarily from looting the public till. A gamer of the system and the public trust and proof indeed that bad government should be drowned in the bathtub. Posthaste.

This is the only reason people like Cheney, et al. run for office. Public service is NOT an option.