Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Would you like some Satire with that?

I'm on day 6 of an 8 day in a row work marathon. The good news it we are now in peak busy season, and it is in fact really busy. That is good because we are reading in the local paper about a takeover of the place where the husband works & "restructuring", they are trying to make it seem like a random corporate takeover, but also reported boardroom golden parachute negotiations (how many millions the COE's will walk away with), back in August.

I'm working so many days in a row due to a schedule change, but it will not equal overtime pay, Bastards.
I'm drinking my coffee strong, and yes, I'd like some satire, please.....

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Christopher said...

Economists say the U.S. will shed another 1 to 2 million jobs this year. Staggering.

You're lucky to have a job.

I'm lucky to have a job and Jim is lucky to be working in a profession where there are more jobs than RNs to fill them.

We have friends from California who made the biggest mistake in their lives and relocated to Austin, TX to escape the high housing costs. That was five years ago.

Well, now the houses in California aren't so high and the economy in Austin is in a deep recession. Our friends were laid off more than 9 months ago and they can't find work. They wish they had just stayed put.

Fran said...

Yikes re the job loss!!!
I am lucky to have a job, but I am for sure am exploited worker for a small wage that could not sustain our expenses. Right now it is unemployment that bolsters us for the interim.

We do not live out of our means either.
Our cars are 10 & 14 years old, respectively.

As for the recession, I think there is no escaping it, wherever you live., but sorry your friends are in a rough situation. No one could have predicted how badly the economy would tank- to the degree we've never seen before.

20/20 hindsight, my Mom should have sold her house 3 to 5 years ago, now it is adrift in a sea of foreclosed houses, in a horrible market.
Who knew?

The fact George bought this mansion which equates to 5 years of salary as president, is a real arrogant move in the midst of the financial disaster he created.

Unknown said...

It makes me angry to know that people are stressing over whether they have jobs and can make it to the next month.

The weather is sucking ass in your neck of the woods too...hugs Fran.

Fran said...

Hey Dusty~ Oregon, where I am at is doing OK, it is neighbors to the north- Portland w landslides, and Washington State getting hit hard now with flooding. Both further north places get more snow & thus the mess.

We are wondering IF the "temporary " layoff, now extended for a 2nd month will ever come back???
Slim pickings in the Classifieds.

D.K. Raed said...

20/20 hindsight, boy ain't that the truth. You might want to reconsider renting out your mom's home during this market. Or maybe offering the home on a lease purchase option? Landlord blues aren't for everyone, but they might help with monthly income for a couple years. By then, we all hope the market has recovered.