Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make it stop!

Led Zeppelin~ When the Levee Breaks

I tried listening to the shrub farewell, but only made it halfway through. "When people live in freedom, they do not willingly choose leaders who pursue campaigns of terror"

Yea George that is why elections have to be stolen & rigged.

"Liberty & Justice light the path to peace". Weighty words. do torture, waterboarding, and mass murder under the guise of liberation pave the path to hell? I sure hope so.

The Bush legacy is a kind of overall Katrina effect.

No George-- you should not get away with murder. It was right when he spoke of "moral clarity" I shut it off.
Bush has neither- morals or clarity. Over & out.

I hope justice arrives at your doorstep someday soon.


D.K. Raed said...

What IS his recent obsession about moral clarity all of a sudden? This is the second time in 2 days he has spouted that phrase. Maybe he thinks just by saying it enough, people will think he has it. Too late, George! He had many moments when moral clarity could've guided him, far more opportunities than many presidents, but he chose to go down the path that would most enrich his friends. He may be leaving the world as whole far worse than he found it, but his friends are doing fine. That's his moral clarity!

Christopher said...

I haven't listened to the Motherfucker from Midland speak in several years.

My rage at him is tangible. When I see or hear him my blood pressure goes up and my mind races to thoughts of violence.

As I've said many times, if I happened upon Bush laying in the street, bloodied and bruised, I would spit on him and just keep going. I would not call 911.

Some think this is strong (or so I've been told) but, I'm just being honest.

All I know is the end of the age of tyranny is at hand and we survived it. I know now what the people of Chile, Spain, Pakistan, and China experienced at the hands of a dictatorship.

Fran said...

Bush even botched the saying *fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me* We are not fools, George, he can't paint this noble, rosy picture of moral clarity. My mind flashes to images is Abu Ghraib prisoners with the hood, standing on a box w electrical cords strung on them with a threat of shock as a means of interrogation.

Which is why I posted the upside down US flag- the official flag etiquette symbolIzing *DISTRESS".

Bush left our nation in distress. Distress HE created.

The Katrina analogy really fits his presidency.
A catastrophic disaster, made worse by an unqualified appointee.
DK~ His friends had been doing fine, but even big money is hurting now (except for the no bid high rollers like Halliburton). BUt just like rats, they are jumping ship & moving the corporate headquarters to Dubai. That way they don't pay US corporate Taxes. I wonder if Cheney himself thought that one up?

Christopher~ Don't worry, Bush has 10 years of taxpayer Secret Service security protection, and then I bet he hires Blackwater or some such entity to provide security after that. Bush will never be a free man who does not have to worry about his security-- thus is the life of a dictator.

I wish he had to go live the life of everyday people in Baghdad. Spotty electricity, foul drinking water, constant explosions, no air conditioning in 120 degree temps. The air heavy with the stench of burning vehicles, and random murder happening daily. Foreign troops yelling orders in a language you do not speak, while holding your family at gunpoint in a midnight raid. Go live the life you created for the people of Iraq. Bask in your version of liberation.

I honestly did not think Bush would have made it through 2 terms. His karma is a boatload of human suffering & that is baggage he carries for the rest of his life.

He did not make "mistakes", what he did was gross, multiple, premeditated crimes against humanity.

More of a moral wasteland.

Mauigirl said...

His farewell speech was a travesty, full of lies. Almost everything he said was untrue. My husband said he would have done very well with Goebbels and the others who believed if they repeated a lie often enough it would be believed. He makes me sick. I did watch the whole thing (since it was thankfully short) on Keith Olbermann's show. Chris Matthews had a great rebuttal to it afterward.

Fran said...

Ah Maui~ Savoring the fact this is the last time to endure the Shrub speechifying.
His speech gets a "Delusional" rating.
Which planet did that stuff happen on George, because it did not happen here!

Can't wait till his regime comes to an end.

A new day will be dawning.

Unknown said...

Actually I wanted to hear his ten minute session of bullshit, but being sick I friggin fell asleep.

Its no big deal really..I am sure 9*11 was mentioned along with some fearmongering and a whole lotta lies.

Fran said...

You can catch his drivel on the internets... if you can stand it.
While you were out, Bush rewrote history- he took the moral high road, and the response to Katrina was not slow.

It was like a fairy tale. Bush misremembers.
More lies to add to the list.