Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday tune

Here is another tune that befits the Bush Legacy:

Everything is Broken~ Bob Dylan

Another good rendition of the same tune...


Christopher said...

The image of Barry with the Borg Queen makes me want to hurl.

He's off to a very rocky start: Hillary, Gates, Rick Warren, Tim Kaine, and doing the Beltway Shuffle vis a vis prosecuting members of the Bush junta over violating the Geneva Convention and engaging in torture.

Barry is committed to "looking forward. Nice. Well, Barry, if you fuck up, a lot of us will join you and look forward to 2012.

Fran said...

Yes Christopher Obama has made some bad choices-
Hillary- She's no Gandhi- It makes me very uneasy thinking a War Hawk pro Israel person will be handling the delicate negotiations of Palestine & Israel.
I did not like the choice, but now that there is this
totally imbalanced overreaction by Israel in Gaza, it scares the hell out of me that Hillary one dealing with it, representing out country. I hoep she can STFU & not make things worse.

Gates is a huge WTF? Maybe no one else wants the job?? But a Bush crony as Sec. of Defense??

Warren & Kaine are the cave men of social progress.
Jurassic thought processes, they should go the way of dinosaurs. Instead homophobic & Women's rights hating Warren will be performing the invocation at the inauguration. The champion of civil rights made this choice? Even after he got serious feedback about what an insult it is to progressives - the ones who helped get him elected.... he should have done the right thing & uninvite Warren.

However-- Id be feeling a lot worse if we were witnessing McCain & Palin doing the swearing in on Tuesday. That would be a total feeling of hopelessness and despair. Obama has his work cut out for him.... as the song says-- EVERYTHING is broken. Two wars, a failed economy on the brink of being a full blown economic depression, banks failing, crumbling infrastructure, underfunded education, overfunded military, a good 20 years behind in a nationwide energy program, including chronic dependence on the combustion engine & foreign oil. Species going extinct. Social Security unprotected and going downhill. Laws that fail to deliver civil rights & justice for all, and a whole host of other problems. Obama has the weight of the world on his shoulders.
We can't expect him to fix everything ASAP, but to me it is clear & obvious that one big financial issue is directly related to another-- stop the wars & the $ they are hemorrhaging. Six years in Iraq & Afghanistan have yielded no relief, no remedy, and Afghanistan is reported as actually have worsened.
We need to *get out*, and understand there is nothing to win & our presence there is not helping.

So I am giving Obama time to get his footing.
I am glad it is him & not more reich wing nutjobs at the helm. I hope he is receptive to feedback, and makes adjustments as he goes. I think his heart is in the right place, and so far, he has kept his nose out of the political graft that has already surfaced (the Blago debacle).

Everything is broken & it's ours to fix.
Let's help support Obama to make better choices in the future.

D.K. Raed said...

I was listening to "Everything is Broken" the other day and thinking how much there is to do, so much it can really freeze your brain. The enormity of what lies ahead, the damage that we have to repair, is almost overwhelming. But maybe it's like any messy project, you just have to jump in & start tweaking and tearing apart, see what works, what doesn't, be nimble. This is gonna take all of us, Obama is only the titular head of this snake.

Fran said...

I am willing to give Obama some leeway, because this is such a monumental task- cleaning up after the GOP elephants have been crapping in their cages for 8 long years. (sorry for the dung analogy, but it's the best way I can describe their legacy- piles of dung & lots of it!!!).

But I have no tolerance for more, new or revised warring, military "solutions". I have had my fill of war mongering & want it to stop, for moral reasons, and because it costs lives and money we don't have.

I wish him well & am willing to make adjustments, but what a pressure cooker of a job he has 1 a mega problem in every direction.