Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Signs of the times

That's the way the cookie crumbles:
Is nothing sacred? Yes, the recession is hitting the freaking Girl Scouts as well. Two to four fewer cookies in every box.
Exploiting the girls to sell cookies pulls in an average $700 million a year.

House Blend Please:
Starbucks Coffee is laying off 6700 people, and closing 300 more stores. Hmm jobless people are probably not able to afford $4 bucks for a cup of coffee.

Boeing cuts 10,000 jobs. Both war profits and domestic travel down.

The surge was a success!
No so fast- The U.S. Army will report Thursday the highest level of suicides among its soldiers since it began tracking the rate 28 years ago, The Army is expected to announce a new effort to study soldier suicides and links to post-combat stress.
The Army will report 128 confirmed suicides last year and an additional 15 suspected suicides in cases under investigation among active-duty soldiers and activated National Guard and reserves.
In 2007, the Army reported 115 confirmed suicides, the highest level since 1980, when it began tracking suicides.
PTSD is real, and the government continues to pretend it is not. The latest ploy is to dismiss those diagnosed with it as dishonorable discharges for bad behavior misconduct, denying them access to care, and demanding they pay back signing bonus money.

Wait a day Mr. Postman?
Economic downturn The postal service is saying they may need to change to 5-day-a-week delivery schedules. Federal law has mandated the six-day schedule since 1983. I can't help but think technology is a part of their demise... you can send a fax or e mail across the globe in just seconds. They are facing a $6 billion dollar loss ~ exceeding the Postal Service's credit limit under current law. Our neighbors to the north, Canada does 5 x a week mail delivery.

Beatles~ Mr. Postman

Heck-of-a-recession, George


Annette said...

Yeah, I agree's getting bad and then worse... with no help in sight from the ones who brought us here.

Christopher said...

I hope Barry learned a lesson.

He spent much of the week sucking up to the GOP only to have not a single House Republican vote for his economic stimulus plan.

Not a one.

He really needs to give this fantasy of bi-partisanship a rest. I ain't gonna' happen. He's not that charming.

Fran said...

Well said Annette!

Christopher~ That was a real bitch slap from the Reich wing. NOT ONE VOTE IN SUPPORT of the economic stimulus plan.

This is his first go at it since becoming president, but it is not like the rethugs are rolling out the welcome mat.

That will probably come back to bite them in their asses in the 2010 election. Even the upper crust are hurting now. If they don't provide relief & partisan bickering IS their agenda, they will get their walking papers.

Dr. Know said...

I want to see a bunch of miliary industrial contractors, bankers and investment moguls jailed and forced into restitution. How many of them would "move forward" and "let bygones be bygones" had you ripped them off to the tune of a trillion dollars? That would do wonders for moral in this country, in addition to providing a well deserved boost to the economy. Any takers?

Fran said...

Last I heard, the high finance folks were occupied shopping for swank corporate jets, and taking posh hotel outings. Don't hold your breath!

Volly said...

Re: Girl Scout cookies, the shortening or some other ingredient gives me killer heartburn, so I only order the kind my husband likes, which is Do-si-Do's (peanut butter filling for the uninitiated). I've ordered from two different scouts; they've both solemnly warned me about the salmonella scare.

Wonder if they've instructed the girls to issue this warning, thinking it will suffice as a "caveat emptor" in the event of someone getting sick off them?

...not that I'd wish a visit to Sam & Ella's Cafe on anyone, but such cynical musings are irresistible.