Friday, January 2, 2009

Year in Review... & the Year of the Ox

Uncle Jay Explains 2008 in Review

2008 was the year of the rat

2009 is the year of the Bull ~ Ox

Investors and punters in this part of the world will be hoping the Year of the Bull, which starts on Jan 26, will live up to its name.

Actually, it is usually referred to as the Year of the Ox for 2009 in the Chinese calendar. There is a big difference because the ox is the castrated version of the bull. Punters will naturally prefer the virile version and the bullish symbolism of a rising stock market.

Ok ~ this is ironic symbolism.... if the bull is a market icon, then castration (impotence) seems befitting to symbolize the US economy.


enigma4ever said...

somehow I just KNEW that you of all people would make the connection between the Castration and yes, the stock market...

who knew the Chinese Calander was so full of irony.....

( I am sure George and friends would call it utter bullshit....Ha!!)

great post...

Fran said...

Ha! That ancient Chinese wisdom can't be denied.
Bush wrapped up his term in the year of the RAT- that's hauntingly accurate.... vermin that he is.


Mariamariacuchita said...

We were fed a lot of bull last year under Bushco, perhaps belief in cattle will cause a stampede of speculation, but my sense is that there will be a period of poor economics before things get back to normal. I hope I am wrong.

Mauigirl said...

Yes, an ox seems appropriate!

Uncle Jay was great!

Fran said...

Maria: Normal..... can't remember what that was???
I agree with your assessment, the economic downturn has it's own inertia. I hope we are both wrong.

Maui~ That Uncle Jay snippet was a kick!