Thursday, January 1, 2009

Off we go into the new year. I would hope humanity had learned something from mistakes in the past, and take a path to peace. I started the new year by going to a peace vigil. 
There seems to be a consensus of people thinking the Bush administration needs to prosecuted for the long list of crimes they committed. If this is a democracy, then we are obliged to prosecute the criminals. There is another element of us needing to teach our children well, by example. 
So I hope for peace, and justice. 


D.K. Raed said...

Love the graphic, Fran. Like a highway to the unknown edge of the future. Makes me think anything is possible!

Nope, no peace vigils in my town, but we heard a ton of fireworks at midnight which is a first. Made me think maybe, just maybe, even people in UT are looking forward to the new year!

Fran said...

Great description of the graphic DK ~ it does have that
inviting unknown journey feeling to it.

People around here usually do fireworks @ midnight, this year they started 2 hours early. Maybe they were celebrating ALL time zones??

This year I did a quiet meditation thing with candles and tibetan singing bowls/bells.

The husband is scheduled to fly home tonight.
We hope winter storms subside enough to let him arrive safely, without major delays.

Back to work for me today.... I LOVED the 4 days off schedule 2 weeks in a I have to pull it together & work an 8 day in a row stint, because of the schedule change. Sobering!

It will be interesting to see if business really picks up-- we are officially in busy season or "WAVE", as they call it.

At this point, I am happy to be employed, since the husband received notice of an additional extension of the temporary lay off- till Feb 2.

Christopher said...

Bush and Cheney belong before a war crimes tribunal at the Hague, IMHO.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi had the responsibility and authority to order the Articles of Impeachment but decided "impeachment is off the table."

So, here we are.

Bush leaves office in 17 days to live a life of leisure in his $2 million estate in Preston Hollow, Dallas, TX (when he's not at the 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay) and, Cheney leaves office with his new, $5 million dollar estate on the Chesapeake Bay, MD, where he will undoubtedly exercise his 450,000 shares of options in Halliburton and live out life like the Sultan of Brunei.

Both Bush and Cheney owe Speaker Botox their lives. I have to wonder what she got in return for helping to protect them? And we, the citizens, are expected to jump in the air and dance, gleeful over the election of Barack Obama and just forget the past 8 years as if they never happened. Just move on and get over it. Or so they tell us.

Ain't America a pip???

Utah Savage said...

DK, every time I hear fireworks I think "Ah, there goes another several thousand or hundres of thousands of dollars worth of blowing up shit. Scares the crap out of my poor old dog and pisses me off.

Instead of blowing shit up to celebrate, let's hold a silent peace vigil.

Dada said...

We're either a nation or laws or not.

Ah, apparently not.

Oh well. (sigh)

Never mind.

Fran said...

Christopher ~ I really hope they prosecute Bush before he leaves for Paraguay.
I had not thought about him in that way, but now that you mention it *Sultan Dick Cheney* sounds about right.
That is a strange relationship w Pelosi. I have a special contempt for her impeachment off the table action.
Now the big raise. Oh to fire her ass!

Utah~ Leave it to Americans to embrace blowing up things made in China as a way to celebrate???

Dada~ I still hold out hole someone, somewhere, somehow is going to won;t come from OUR government.... they are too busy giving themselves raises in Congress, but the Bush admin will have their day in court, I will savor the day.

Dada said...

Yes, Fran, I'm afraid you are right. Justice will least likely be served from our shores. But I am hopeful someone, somewhere, will override Nancy Pelosi's views on justice.

On the brighter side, however...I've really been studying commercials on TV over the holidays as reflection of the state of the economy. (Maybe it's because I seldom watch the tube, but now find myself mindlessly vegetating in front of football games until my internal clock resynchronizes with the external world's to where Thursday isn't Sunday and Monday isn't Thursday, etc., etc.

Anyway, I got real excited for you guys - you and Mr. Ramblings - because I know how tenuous things have been for you recently with a layoff, then extended layoff.

That is, until I saw those Hyundai commercials where you have a year to return one if you lose your income. So I'm bettin' there's a new Sonata in your garage soon!

Congratulations! (Obviously, Hyundai's latest sales ploy is indication of their faith in a quick economic recovery!)

Fran said...

Dada! I have not seen said commercial-- OMG!
Recession specials how creative, but it makes me wonder what is written in the fine print for fines, fees, mileage penalties etc.

Forget parking it in your garage-- creative consumers on the brink of foreclosure can LIVE in their Sonata. Now there's a commercial we probably won't see.
Panning through a tent city- they almost always have a 3 x 5 US flag displayed.... you can live in tent city (for 1 year) in style.

What a stark sign of the times!