Thursday, January 22, 2009

Off with the cloak!

Revocation. Executive Order 13233 of November 1, 2001, is revoked.

Obama just revoked the Bush cloak of secrecy on government documents dating back to 11*1*2001.

Obama orders the documents to be released. Set the Bush archives free!

Clearly the transition team did their homework, and this revocation of the cloak of secrecy is an excellent first step in government transparency. It is heartening to see ethics and rule of law restored.

Sends a message to the Shrub-- you can run, but you can't hide.

* Photo: Helicopter removing the Shrub from his hellish 8 years of evil reign. Bye George, hope to see you in jail!


D.K. Raed said...

I live in hope that the bush/cheney double secret shit will be made public, but I fear they have covered their tracks too well. Still, gotta start somewhere.

However, they are now making a big deal about Obama's blackberry emails, saying he has to be careful cuz they'll become official presidential records. Oh really? And so where are all of Cheney and Rove's emails? Right ... laws only apply to dems.

Dr. Know said...

Knowing these guys, I'm surprised there wasn't an "accidental" electrical fire which consumed most of the Bush administration's records.

Remember that the sitting president, attorney general, and ultimately the judiciary still have the power to stay the release of information. How much flow will they impede? That will be the interesting part. We'll know starting in about 30 days...

Fran said...

I like the way Obama is hitting this issue on all angles- making FOIA an item to be upheld unless there really is some good reason to withhold info, and revoking this exec order-- which was out in place just after 9-11, in all that frenzy.
They knew exactly what they were doing when they set up this secrecy cloak so they could get on with their dirty dealings. Of course they did not want, and could not have transparency... they were plotting an illegal occupation, while crafting speeches about mushroom clouds & made up mobile bio terrorist lab stories.
Good... let the truth see the light of day.

If theyw ere not doing illegal things, then there would be no fear of having the documents see the light of day.

Even though the white house technology is outdated, they did have computer back up records & they may be able to get a lot if info that way.

I see Bush is whining that Obama took "unfair shots" at him in the inaugural address.
Awwwwwww, and he thought the delusion of grandeur would go on.

Screw that! The Bush legacy is written in blood & the truth will come out.

I really want to hear what the Gitmo detainees have to say. Talk about truth that needs to see the light of day.

Dr. Know said...

Looks good so far, Fran. And remember that the post turtle didn't get up there by himself; should prove to be quite the avalanche of treasonous offenses by a variety of players depicted therein.

And poor GW, he's got to know a pretty thick skin is manditory in politics. Or a total lack of introspection. Guess which applies...