Friday, January 23, 2009

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Finally getting around to the meme, Seven random things about me:

Seven random things about me

• I have hiked all the way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Each colored layer is a different ecosystem. I swam in the Colorado river @ the bottom of the canyon. Climbing out of the canyon the next day was much more difficult! I would love to do an extended float through the canyon (fly in this time!)

• I have watched Buddhist Monks make a huge, intricate colored mandala made with colored sand

• I used to be a Forest Fire Fighter/EMT. Pretty intense having flames burning overhead in the tall trees. Burning poison oak was a special treat- not!

• I play the hand drums, love to drum. Percussion is a universal language- if your heart beats, you have rhythm.

• I met Richie Havens & took in a rainbow together before he performed @ the local folk festival.
(Of Woodstock Fame~ Freedom & Motherless Child)

• I have two sons, now adults, both were home births, with a Midwife. Funny story~ When I was going for prenatal checks, my Midwife was using a doppler to listen to the heartbeat of the baby, she was hearing Reggae music!--she lived near a radio broadcasting tower & picked it up in the airwaves.
That kid turned out to be a musician.

• I am driving a 15 year old vehicle, holding out for a reasonable electric vehicle to become available in the next 2 years. It was the first new car we'd ever bought.

I am of the philosophy~ the meme stops here. If you want to do it, go for it, I am not going to tag anyone else....
but will link others who tagged me.




Fran said...

I feel a head cold coming on, burning I'm just taking it easy this weekend.

Christopher said...

Gargle with warm salt water every hour.

What I use is hot and spicy Chinese food to treat a cold. The hotter and spicier the better.

I have no clue why it makes me feel better, but it does and I've done this for 20 years. Feel better.

Fran said...

Christopher~ Will do the saltwater gargle- I understand it changes the pH balance in the throat.

Funny you should mention Chinese food ~ we always go to our local Chinese restaurant to get fresh Hot & Sour soup their "medium" heat level spice requires eating it with a box of kleenex at hand- clears the sinuses right out.
Also had Ginger Chicken..... again some fiery spice level as well. The intense heat probably soothes and kills germs at the same time?

I am feeling pretty wiped out.

Annette said...

Thanks Fran for doing that... these are some pretty interesting things though... pretty wild lives we have led aren't they..

Again..thanks.. Hope you feel better soon...

The salt water is my cure all too.. so it must be the best.. I have gargled it, breathed it in even used it in steam.. so it's pretty much a cure ya, kill ya type

D.K. Raed said...

oh dear, hope you started echinacea when you first felt something amiss. If not, too late now. Saltwater gargles are great. In between, I suck on eucalytus cough drops & drink ginger tea. My MiL swore by chinese mustard (but I cannot handle spicy stuff). Best of all IMO is plenty of liquids & sleep! Feel better soon!

Interesting list. I've hiked way down into the GC, but never to the bottom. All that mule poop on the South Rim Bright Angel trail kept me from going further. Coming back out, my legs were quivering. Had to stop at every switchback & wait for the muscles to recover. I stick to rim trails nowadays!

Since we now live only about 3-hrs from the North Rim, I'd like to spend more time there. Problem as always is our dog(s). They are NOT ALLOWED on the NP trails, so have to be left in the vehicle which I hate to do. Dogs are only allowed around the campground trails where they are particuarly enchanted with all the mule deer, wild turkeys & kaibab squirrels. Nat'l Parks are dog-unfriendly, but thanks to Bush/Cheney are susceptible to loud ATVs & snowmobiles & even oil/gas drilling. Hrumph!

Dada said...

Fran - thanks for the interesting read.
Hope you are able to dodge this oncoming

Writing this from the iPod, one finger at a time
-not very well I might add. Also enjoy the different
cold remedy suggestions here.While I don't
Imagine Christopher suffers many colds, he
often feels one coming on! (j/k - WTG, C!)

Fran said...

DK ~ Ooops, missed the echinacea boat- timewise, but will take some for good measure anyway, We do have a big pot of fresh ginger tea brewing & lots of lemons. Crashed this afternoon for a long winter nap.

We set out to hike all the way down & camp overnight in the canyon. We zipped down on the downhill, ignored the pack mule dung. Coming back up was a different story. We just about crawled to the shaded water stations, & my backpack was heavy. Still it was great to have done the reverse mountain climb- it was the south rim we hiked. I understand the North rim is more vertical.

As for Bush/Cheney & ntl parks, they just included guns too right? That ought to take care of peak season traffic snarls! I hope Obama turns that one back.

Dada~the burning throat & laryengitis part is the worst of it.
Very impressive texting from an I pod.... I have a hard time with the little buttons.
I bet they come out with a baby boomer version, with bigger letters & screens.
Oh wait! That is what a laptop computer is!!!